Menswear Autumn Winter 2016

“I was inspired by city streets, crashed cars, and crushed steel. It’s the shine of high-vis neon and reflective fabrics in city lights; a modern wardrobe of new, casual luxury without formalwear. I wanted something strong and tough – the inspiration originally came from the ‘car crash’ sculptures of John Chamberlain – but made sophisticated and wearable. I think it’s a collection that really reflects the world around me; it’s literally about the street.” – Christopher Kane

The AW16 menswear collection fully embraces the territory of the street, as well as being inspired by the over-sized, baggy silhouettes of sportswear and workwear – with a nod to the classic volumes of the Japanese designers – motifs, colourations and processes predominate that draw direct inspiration from car culture and the crush of mechanised street life.

A plethora of new processes are featured in the collection, giving complex new textures and treatments to the clothing. As well as crushable aluminium, reflective fabrics feature heavily from the hidden detailing of outerwear to full reflective knits. Streetlight inspired hand painted garments, in leather and denim, are

contrasted with more technical, hot-fix crystals in geometric patterns. Seams are cracked and contrast fabrics are patched together, giving an overall ‘scrap-yard’ feel to the collection. Signature Kane prints for winter are either abstract cracked or the hyper-real ‘car crash’ motif. 

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