10 Year Capsule Collection

The 10 Capsule Collection revisits Christopher Kane's most iconic prints. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, each sweatshirt highlights a significant moment in the designer’s career to date. 


Geometric Crystal Sweatshirt

This geometric mash up of simple colourful shapes, seen in the Spring/Summer 2008 collection has been reinterpreted as Swarovski appliqué to the front.

Chimp Sweatshirt

Originally shown in Spring/Summer 2009, the chimp has been reinterpreted and digitally printed on a satin front.

Bomb Sweatshirt

The atomic print, from the Resort 2010 collection, has been digitally printed on a satin front.

Floral Embroidered Sweatshirt

Having always explored florals in a different way, this Autumn/Winter 2010 inspired piece uses a satin stitch embroidery.

Galaxy Sweatshirt

The galaxy, first shown for Resort 2011, has been digitally printed on a satin front with Swarovski crystal embellishments.

Flower Sticker Print Sweatshirt

Inspired by the cut-outs in a schoolgirl’s scrapbook, this Spring/Summer 2012 piece uses a glossy transfer print.

Brain Sweatshirt

Inspired by an MRI scan image, the brain from Autumn/Winter 2013, has been digitally printed on a satin front.

Frankenstein Sweatshirt

Inspired by science and the sinister, this iconic print first shown for the Men’s Autumn/Winter 2014, is digitally printed on a scuba front.

Botanical Sweatshirt

Looking at the reproductive system of the flower for his Spring/Summer 2014, the sweatshirt has special embroidery and sequin motif applique.

Wire Head Sweatshirt

Abstract computer generated faces along with simulated techno waves inspired the Spring/Summer 2014.