Spring Summer 2017

“There is always an element of autobiography in what we do, and it is particularly so in this collection as it is our ten-year anniversary,” says Christopher Kane. “In many ways, we have been considering the past and the future, both personally and thematically. I started off thinking about the Second World War this season, with the figure of the evacuee and the idea of abandonment. This is combined with the resourcefulness of the forties, that feeling of ‘Make-Do and Mend.’ In that movement from the city to the countryside, there’s also an element of the supernatural and the ancient – from the sophisticated to the spiritual. This reminded us of where we grew up, just down the road from Carfin Grotto, the Roman Catholic shrine that is the Scottish version of Lourdes. So this season the woman travels to all of these places, going back to go forwards, collecting and modifying what she wears, combining refined items with humble objects and practising a kind of ‘alchemy’ through clothing.”


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