In March 2016 Christopher Kane launched its very first unisex eyewear collection in partnership with Kering Eyewear.

Creating an eyewear collection that embodies the brands DNA was paramount for this new category launch. Through the use of contrasting materials, unexpected details and neon accents, the eyewear collection reflects the brand’s boundless creativity combined with top-level craftsmanship.

“Expanding into eyewear was a great way of extending my creative output and being able to innovate in a new way with construction and use different techniques. It’s accessible to all; a pair of sunglasses will last season upon season and can be the finishing touch to any character. I was inspired by the very clinical and hospital eyewear of the 1980s, which came from looking at outsider art and primitivism, as well as neon pop. I wanted something that was true to our DNA and remained wearable, whilst still pushing the envelope from a technical point of view'”

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